Digital Corporate Governance: Distributed Registry Technology and Artificial Intelligence as Key Factors in Process of Digitalization


The article discusses the integration of digital technologies in the corporate governance process using comparative, qualitative and content research methods.

In modern conditions, global digital transformation has impact on many aspects of daily life. Corporations are no exception in this regard. For example, the extensive development of the global network, the introduction of new social platforms, smart electronic devices, cryptocurrency, corporate technologies of decentralization and automation, capabilities of processing and storing data on so called “cloud servers” using algorithms, etc. poses completely new challenges to corporate management.

How does digital transformation affect companies? In particular, what benefits current and expected changes in technical areas and their specific forms of expression such as: distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence, can bring to corporate governance?

The purpose of this article is to discuss these issues and conclude, that the achievements of modern corporate governance need to be adapted to technological progress.


Blockchain, Algorithm, Integration

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