International Scientific Refereed and Peer-reviewed Journal “Herald of Law “ is a periodical publication of the non-profit legal entity “Union of Law Scientists.”

The journal was founded on December 15, 2019.

The journal is granted International Standard Serial Number  ISSN 2667-9434.

Publisher determines common policies and main directions of journal.

Form and availability of publication

The journal is published electronically and published on the official website of the journal

This is an open access journal and full texts of the articles are available to any interested person.

The journal fully recognizes the importance of open access policy. It is signatory of Budapest Declaration of Open Access Initiative.

Besides, the publisher of the journal Law Herald, the Union of Law Scientists is also the signatory of Berlin Declaration of Open Access to Knowledge.

Publications in the journal are free.


The journal is published twice a year – in July and December. Possibly also to publish special additional number. 

indexing and impact-factor

Journal has obtained DOI unique code 10.15350/26679434.

Journal is indexed and is listed in 20 international global databases and has obtained 2 impact-factors.

Reference of the published articles in the journal will be in the “Georgian Refereed Journal” of  Institute “Techinform” and for the future in foreign refereed journals.

Journal is listed in library databases of leading European Universities.

Editorial independence

Editorial independence of journal ensured.

Journal’s topics

The journal will publish scientific articles on topical issues of law, human rights and public administration which contain scientific novelty and have high scientific value.

Except for the above in the journal will have published reviews and research of articles also the materials of scientific conferences, seminars and discussions which organized by the “Union of Law Scientists”.

Readers will read about the perspectives and problems of development of law science, human rights and state governance in Georgia and in the world.

Target group

The journal is intended for georgian and foreign scientists / researchers, PhD students, students and practicing lawyers, also for those interested in law.


For the publish in journal will be accepted scientist articles of law of georgian and foreign scientists / researchers and PhD students.

In exceptional cases, scientific articles of authors of other fields will be accepted by the considering topicality, importance and exceptional scientific values of their articles.

Copyright protection

The journal protects material and non-material copyrights of the incoming and published materials.

Upon the decision of the editorial board to publish the article, author agrees to transfer all the exclusive rights in his/her article to editorial board. The transfer of copyright should be confirmed by signing the relevant document before publishing the article and in case of the request of editorial board, by granting a license.

License covers all rights excluding moral rights. Authors have the right to adapt their own work, provided that the journal is indicated as original source.

The articles will be published under creative commons license (CC BY SA).

According to this license, the published work may be used for any purposes, including commercial purposes, provided that the original source is indicated.

This license permits any person to share, distribute, reproduce the journal or its parts, provided that the original source is appropriately indicated (including the address of web-page).

In case of adapting the published work, the person who makes such adaptation is obliged to clearly indicate about the changes.

Any new work  based on work published in this journal, should be licensed under the same terms as the published work.

There is an indication regarding the creative commons license in the journal.

The editorial board

The editorial board consists of the highly qualified georgian and foreign scholars and researchers in the field of law.

Language of the journal

The articles will be published in Georgian, English, German and Russian languages (together with the abstract in English).

The mission of the journal

The mission of the journal is a promoting development of law science and raising the level of legal awareness in civil society.

The goals of the journal are:

Presentation of important scientific research in the field of law, introduction to the society of  country and international society, international integration of the mentioned researches;

– to create some mechanisms in Georgia which will be necessary for the country’s European integration.

The main tasks for the development of the journal are:

– establishing of worthy place and get the Highest Scientific Status among  the Highest Rated International Scientific Publications;

– Promotion of the journal;

– attraction Georgian and foreign authors and reviewers for cooperation;

–  expanding the international audience of readers;

– access to authoritative international scientific bases (main task is the access to international base “Scopus”)

– to create the common database of the authors by specialization.

Contest and peer review of articles

The evaluation of the article in the journal is conducted through double-blindpeer review. The author does not know the identity of the reviewer and the reviewers do not know the identify of the author.

Selection of the scientific articles in the journal through by the open contest and double-blind peer review ensures a high quality of the published articles.

The articles will have sent to two reviewers. The reviewer can be a highly qualified Georgian / foreign law scientist / researcher whose specialty is closest to the topic of the thesis.

Copyright protection

The journal protects material and non-material copyrights of the incoming and published materials.

Ethics of Publication

One of the top priorities of editorial office is protecting ethics.


The author is responsible about the accuracy of a published article. His position may not match with the views of the editorial board.

The editorial board of the journal is not responsible for the caused by the damage of the published scientific article.

The editorial office is authorized to remove the published article from the database if the copyrights of the article infringed after publication.

The editorial board of the journal is not responsible for the quality of the content of the published scientific articles.


The journal collaborates with national and international organizations, government agencies, Georgian and foreign scientific circles , lawyers, local and foreign donors.