Mission and purposes

Mission and purposes

The mission of the journal is a promoting development of law science and raising the level of legal awareness in civil society.

The goals of the journal are:

  • Presentation of important scientific research in the field of law, introduction to the society of  country and international society, international integration of the mentioned researches;
  • To create some mechanisms in Georgia which will be necessary for the country’s European integration.

The main tasks for the development of the journal are:

  • Establishing of worthy place and get the Highest Scientific Status among  the Highest Rated International Scientific Publications;
  • Promotion of the journal;
  • Attraction georgian and foreign authors and reviewers for cooperation;
  • Expanding the international audience of readers;
  • Access to authoritative international scientific bases (main task is the access to international base “Scopus”)
  • To create the common database of the authors by specialization.