International Regional and Universal Human Rights Treaty Bodies and Their Importance


The article discusses important aspects of the enjoyment of internationally and nationally recognized fundamental human rights and the effectiveness of national and international remedies for infringement of these rights.

The research discusses the Council of Europe as a regional international organization and the United Nations as a universal international organization and the importance of regional and uni[1]versal mechanisms established by the international treaty adopted by them.The article discusses the reasons for the infrequent reference to universal supervisory bodies, as well as the negative consequences of the withdrawal of a member state from the Convention on Preventing and Com[1]bating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence adopted under the auspices of the Coun[1]cil of Europe.

Although Georgia signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014, its additional protocol has not yet been ratified, therefore, there is no mechanism for appealing to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Research has shown that for Turkey, the transposition of the provisions of the Istanbul Con[1]vention into national law and its practical implementation has become an insuperable problem, causing Turkey to withdraw from the Convention, which unambiguously can be considered as a step back considering the severe situation in Turkey in terms of domestic violence and especially, violence against women.

The recommendations has been made as a result of the research.


Liberty, Mechanisms, Interaction

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