Legal features of Inheritance


The article deals with the legal features of receiving an estate. The research issue is significant in many ways, as the legal norms related to inheritance relations need to be regulated. The main part of the inheritance legal norms has not changed since the adoption of the Civil Code, and as a result of the practice, many problematic issues have accumulated that need to be understood in a new way. The aim of the research is to analyze the legal grounds for accepting and refusing to accept an estate and its features based on the analysis of the legal literature and legislative norms used in the article and as a result to formulate ways to resolve it. The paper also includes comparative-legal and normative-legal analysis of Georgia, Germany, Greece and France. This article is a legal study, which aims to present the problems related to the research topic based on the comparative legal analysis of the legal norms, court and notarial practice and legal literature used in the article, which will enable us to draw conclusions and recommendations.


Heir, Law, Testament

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