Legal Nature of Social Media User Agreements


There is a trend of emerging new fields and subfields of law. One of such fields is Technology Law, which includes its subfield – Social Media Law.

User Agreements have central role in Social Media Law. The article discusses the legal nature of User Agreement, the rights and obligations of the parties, and risk distribution issues. The arti[1]cle discusses the legal matters of particular User Agreements, issues related to applicable law and the rights and obligations of the parties.

One of the parties to the User Agreement is always a company providing Social media ser[1]vices, and another party may be natural person, as well as legal person. Therefore, it is of impor[1]tance to define what rights-obligations do parties have toward each other.

In Social Media Law, special attention is drawn to legal norms offered to users by these net[1]works, platforms itself, and not to law of particular country, and the former may derive from nei[1]ther party’s national law and may establish completely new, local legal provision.


Internet, Law, Platform

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