Legal Regulations of Domestic Violence in Georgia


It is important for modern media to study the mechanisms of protection of the right to privacy and the principles of defamation. Accordingly, the paper discusses the established rules of libel   and respect for the privacy during conducting journalistic operations: is the most part of the defamatory material, the coverage of personal details of personal life the result of careless journalistic work or the legitimate grounds for interference in the context of situations. The article uses the comparative analysis of Georgian legal regulations of media with legal regulations in different countries of the world in terms of libel and respect for privacy. It is suggested to find a way to avoid the danger in terms of covering the libelous  materials and details of personal life of this mysterious side of the journalistic profession.

The paper studies as well the inconstant nature of the legal media in terms of right to privacy and protecting principles on defamation. Creating regulations regarding right to privacy during covering journalistic materials is discussed and recent tendencies of the journalists’ obligations in this regard are analyzed.


Violence, Judicial practice, Prevention

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