Priority of the Best Interests in Juvenile Justice Procedure


Proper and effective implementation of justice remains the main task of the state at any stage of its development. Juvenile delinquency is an international phenomenon, and as a study of juvenile justice systems around the world shows, no country in the world has escaped this problem. The topic is also relevant for Georgia, as the Juvenile Justice Code came into force on January 1, 2016. This document fully complies with international standards in terms of principles. The Juvenile Justice Code introduced a new concept – in the best interests of the minor. The Code, from the very beginning, states that juvenile justice is based on the best interests of minors. “In the process of juvenile justice, the best interests of the minor shall be taken into account first and foremost,” emphasizes Article 4 of the Juvenile Justice Code. All subsequent norms are intended to ensure that juvenile justice is carried out on the basis of this fundamental principle.

The article “Priority of Best Interests in the Juvenile Justice procedure” discusses the notion of the best interests of the minor, its essence, significance and priority for the implementation of the juvenile justice procedure in accordance with international standards. At the same time, the article uses historical-legal, formal-logical and comparative methods, and the methodological basis of the research are international conventions


Child, The Court, Criterion

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