The Idea of ,,Rule of Law State” in the First Constitution of Democratic Republic of Georgia


The article demonstrates the idea of ,,legal state” in the first constitution of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. The western values oriented to the individual and human rights were implemented in the first constitution. The research revealed, that the idea of ,,legal state” envisaged all the components that the modern concept of rule of law comprise. The article analyses the idea of the unified understanding of the liberty and equality and the influence of the Kant’s doctrine (about the unity of the liberty and equality) on its constitutional reglamentation. The article analyses the principle of secular state in the first constitution of Georgia, dated February 21,1921 and its comparison with the modern reglamentation of secular state and its drawbacks.

Constitutional provisions are analyzed in article in terms of modern constitutional values. The paper underlines the role of constitution of the first democratic republic of Georgia and its hereditary wholeness that connects it to the modern constitution of Georgia.


liberty, equality, secularism

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