The Reasonableness of Incorporating the Principle of Priority of the Best Interests of the Juvenile in the Constitution of Georgia


The Constitution of Georgia is a legal document with the highest force, and legal acts, including juvenile legislation, are based on the provisions stipulated in it. In its turn, the principle of prioritizing the best interests of minors is considered to be the driving norm-principle of the latter, which serves as controller and guarantor of the proper implementation of juvenile justice. The aim of the paper is the scientific and practical development of the discussion on the incorporation of the principle of priority of the best interests of the juvenile in the Constitution of Georgia, for which purpose the method of logical analysis of research, comparative-legal method will be used. The paper analyzes how the norm is incorporated into the Constitution, highlights the essence of the principle of juvenile’s priority and discusses international experience, which reinforces the importance of enshrining the principle of best interests in the Constitution, which will lay the foundation for the development of high standards of child rights.


Juvenile, Legislation, Harmonisation

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