Hybrid War – a New Philosophy of War or a New Term


The information age, current geopolitical and geostrategic processes in the modern world caused the changes, which led to the activation of the scientific sphere, and the war as well as the philosophy of war as a whole was reassessed. This process was initiated by the great event in the mankind development, the transition from the industrial to the information age, information became a strategic resource for the mankind development, and accordingly, the unprecedented development of new information-telecommunication technologies, gave the opportunity of using a different strategies, methods and forms in the modern wars. These innovations, together with the traditional understanding of the war and security, brought a new terminology too, including informative, hybrid, unconventional, asymmetric, etc. As for the term ’hybrid war’, it is a well-found and profitably ‘packaged’ word order, corresponding to the information age. That’s why it is more popular than others. Despite the fact that this term does not reflect the content of the war that appeared in the information age properly, e.i. the essential factor that led to the
beginning of a new age, when the main strategic resource for the society development is not a coal and steel (for making an armor), but information. When the essential transformation of the war into an information war is in process, its character and content, rules are changed, where the war content is determined by the possibilities of information possession and manipulation and use of the modern information and telecommunication technologies. Therefore, accordingly, ‘information’, the determining factor of the content of the modern age, in a broad sense, is also the determining factor, basis and starting point of the content of the modern wars. In whatever altered form the term of modern war appears before us, based on its essential determinant, it is called ‘information war’ in a broad sense.


Information, Age, Technologies

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