Legal Status of Microfinance Organizations (Comparative-Legal Analysis)


The article refers to the legal status of microfinance organizations in Georgia, their legal status in the legal system of Georgia and other countries (Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan), its characterization and legal analysis with this regard based on comparative legal methodology.
The article focuses on the legal status of microfinance organizations based on macro and micro, empirical, institutional-descriptive, functional comparative-legal methods.
The author pays special attention to the place of microfinance organizations in the legal systems of Georgia and other developing countries, in terms of the relative legal characterization of
the types of activities and functioning based on their status.
The author does not skip showing the weaknesses and strengths of the legal means of prudential and non-prudential regulation of microfinance organizations adopted in different countries.
Based on the comparative-legal methodology, the article analyzes the features, similarities and distinguishing features of microfinance organizations based on their legal status, which distinguish microfinance organizations in Georgia and other developing countries.


Capital, Customer, Loan

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