Topicality Of The Issue Of Economic Justification of Punishment


The primary goal of this paper is to study the economic justification of punishment. Its characteristic lies in the need to identify effective measures and methods of punitive policy under the condition of the developed market relations. Moreover, in the need to analyze the development of punitive trends and the possibility of eliminating the factors preventing us from understanding the actual place of punishment practice amidst the existence of the population.
In this regard, the neo-classical economic theory of punishment and the neo-institutional economic theory of punishment are critically discussed. Consequently, the article reaffirms the opinion that going beyond the boundaries of state policy claims will allow the science in the field of society economic laws to revise the scientific research objectives. Instead of legal and institutional virtual themes, the science should address the social problems of punishment, especially its central core – the economics of punishment. Consequently, instead of a virtual shift from the state to the society, the mindset will start shifting from the society to the policy of punishment. That is the moment when the scientific research of punishment starts progressing.


Criminality, Economic, Development

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